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Further Investigations of Racemic and Chiral Molecular Sieves of STW Topology

Michael Deem's research delves into the fascinating world of molecular sieves, specifically those with STW topology. His investigations focus on both racemic and chiral variations, with the goal of uncovering new insights into their properties and potential applications. This work promises to shed light on the fascinating behavior of these materials, and could have important implications for fields ranging from materials science to catalysis.

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Design of Organic Structure Directing Agents to Guide the Synthesis of Zeolites for the Separation of Ethylene-Ethane Mixtures,

Michael Deem's research explores the design of organic structure directing agents (OSDAs) to guide the synthesis of zeolites for the separation of ethylene-ethane mixtures. By leveraging the unique properties of these OSDAs, Deem aims to develop new zeolite structures that can effectively separate these two gases, which are critical components of the petrochemical industry. This work has the potential to lead to more efficient and cost-effective processes for separating ethylene and ethane, with important implications for the production of a wide range of products from plastics to fuels.

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Nanoporous Materials with Predicted Zeolite Topologies

Michael Deem's paper on nanoporous materials with predicted zeolite topologies presents cutting-edge research on the development of new materials with highly desirable properties. By utilizing advanced computational methods, Deem and his team have predicted the existence of novel zeolite structures that have yet to be synthesized. This work holds great promise for the development of new materials with a wide range of applications, from catalysis to gas separation. The insights gained from this research could ultimately lead to the creation of more efficient and effective technologies that have a significant impact on industries ranging from energy to pharmaceuticals.

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